Impartiality Committee

The impartiality committee involves:

  • Supervise the activities/operations of the certification body.
  • Adopt an impartial position in relationship to the certification body. For example: Should the certification body’s senior management decide to disregard the advice given by the impartiality committee, the committee is empowered to take independent action (e.g. inform authorities, accreditation bodies, stakeholders, et al). Should it decide to take any such independent action, the committee shall nonetheless, respect the requirements of clause 8.5 (ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015) relating to the confidentiality agreement between the client and the certification body.
  • ASRICERT ‘s clients have the right to dispute a decision concerning certification within six weeks of the decision. This should be done in writing and should be addressed to the impartiality committee, which handles the dispute/complaint. The client will be informed that ASRICERT has received the complaint and that the impartiality committee has been appointed to investigate and re-evaluate the decision.